The answer to improving effectiveness of your organization lies in a well-planned and extensively researched host of activities, right from the unit level. We provide this robust platform to meet your Learning & Development goals through holistic, competency-based initiatives across organizational levels. We have trained over 150,000 professionals with a consistent Satisfaction Index of 4.5 on a scale of five.

Co-create behavioral enhancement programs with guaranteed transformation.

  • HIGH-IMPACT PRESENTATION SKILLS: preparing to present, presenting techniques, optimizing visuals
  • COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS: assertive techniques, listening and responding
  • MANAGING DIVERSITY IN THE WORKPLACE: bridging the generation gap for greater productivity
  • SENSITIVITY IN THE WORKPLACE: respect at work, gender sensitivity
  • THE POWER OF 'WE': team work, team membership, team leadership
  • EYE FOR DETAIL: documentation compliance through visual-auditory-kinesthetic techniques
  • THE ART OF WORKPLACE COMMUNICATION: documentation skills, email etiquette, behavioral skills of communicating
  • POWER MEETINGS: techniques of running a meeting - prep work, managing, post meeting tasks
  • SELF REGULATION & WELL BEING: managing time, minimizing stress
  • We have a host of Managerial Development Programs such as Negotiation Skills, Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills, Client Interaction Skills, etc.
  • We also offer both customized as well as ready-to-use Workplace Learning & Development Solutions. If time is of the essence, we can deliver through remote technology.

We employ the popular and immensely validated ADDIE model.

  • ANALYZE: Gain important insights into the target group's work environment, on-site dynamics, required role competencies and key deliverables through an in-depth TNA (Training Need Analysis: such as surveys, focus group interviews, stakeholder perceptions, gap analysis, etc.)
  • DESIGN: Design the program based on the CEET framework (Concept, Experiment, Experience and Test) with inputs from the client's stakeholders.
  • DEVELOP: Develop the training program based on the CSM model (Content, Sequencing, Method & Media), following the 70-30 principle: 70% of time allocated to experiential activities and debriefs; the other 30% for group discussions and concept exploration.
  • EVALUATE: Adhering to Kirkpatrick's Levels of Evaluation including immediate post-training feedback, Test of Concept Mastery, behavioral evaluations in simulated environments as well as behavioral evaluations in real-time, all of which help in arriving at a metrics-driven 'Return-on-Investment'.
  • INDUSTRY READINESS: Our programs are created with key inputs from an advisory group of industry veterans along with strategic collaboration with various sectors for WL&D (workplace learning and development)
  • GUARANTEED STANDARDIZED DELIVERY: We have an in-house team of certified instructional designers and training specialists to transform relevant conceptual knowledge into experiential learning
  • INTERNALIZATION OF THE SKILLS: Concept exploration is perfectly balanced with real-time simulations
  • AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT: Interactive and motivational program flow for optimum learning
  • ALIGNING WITH ORGANIZATIONAL GOALS: Customized content which is highly relevant to the business needs of the group
  • ILT: Sessions are purely classroom based; highly interactive, with audio-visual aids and personalized attention
  • BLENDED: A combination of e-learning, ILT (classroom-based, webinars, video conferences etc.), and cloud-based LMS support to ensure just-in-time learning, sustained post-training support, and global accessibility

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