Leadership Development

The role of a leader is critical to the success of any organization. Specific skills are called upon to deal with various challenges brought about by a changing business landscape. Drawing on experience from our partners in senior level positions in MNCs, we have formulated dynamic programs for leaders across organizational levels - for individuals stepping into a leadership role, for established leaders looking to hone their leadership skills and for leaders of organisations to further evolve and mold the organisation around their vision.

Highly-specific, cyclical programs focusing on sustained internalisation of essential leadership skills.

  • EMERGING LEADERS: a program tailor-made for those stepping into a leadership role
  • SITUATIONAL LEADERSHIP: Leading through the quadrants; an Indian context
  • DiSC and LEADERSHIP: Personality types and leadership styles; flexible leadership
  • LEADERSHIP through EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: empathic leadership to foster collaboration
  • PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: optimizing your organization's performance management system through coaching and feedback.
  • THE ART OF MENTORING: the being of a mentor; difference between coaching and mentoring, tools of successful mentoring
  • CONFLICT RESOLUTION: easy tools for difficult conversations; overcoming opinions to foster amicable relationships
  • LEADERSHIP COMMUNICATION: exploring various tools of communication that are vital for powerful leadership
  • Extensive need analysis
  • Regular and well-sequenced modular training sessions
  • Journals based on the SCARF model (collaboration and influencing skills: Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness and Fairness) to document 'human interaction' projects between programs
  • Test of Concept Mastery after each module
  • 360-degree feedback report before, during, and after successful completion of the entire initiative
  • Extensive documentation to identify behavioral modifications made by participants
  • Remote monitoring and coaching with continuous review sessions
  • Our program offers a sustained long term initiative for leadership development at the enterprise level
  • Facilitation from highly experienced industry leaders helps develop a skilled and evolved leadership team to forge ahead during times of persistent change
  • Cyclical nature of program brings about stable organisational growth, made possible by resilient and ethical leadership

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