Enhancing Motivation

For the first time in India, Athiya, in collaboration with Motivation Factor, Denmark, has brought an end-to-end solution to enhance and sustain the motivation of your workforce. It is a game changer in today's dynamic and demanding business world: it is simple, practical, and applicable to individuals and team.

  • The workplace motivates and engages people in unique ways. New science shows we have a greater ability to tap into our own brain's powerful motivation process than we realize. But traditional employee motivation programs often take a one-size-fits-all approach. They fail to get desired results because individual motivation is deeply personal.

    Motivation Factor is a simple online assessment that captures data to explain personal motivation. It helps you measure and work with individual factors that ignite action toward personal and organizational goals.

    It is a science-based framework that demystifies the nature of motivation.
  • STEP 1: Individuals take up the online assessment
  • STEP 2: One-day workshop to use the assessment results in order to stay highly motivated at the individual level
  • STEP 3: Team interpretation of individual assessment results in order to identify Action Items for the entire team to stay motivated
  • → Individuals who have a strong connect with your organization's goals, objectives, strategy
  • → A team that can build and sustain a high level of motivation by itself
  • → Sustained and increased productivity at both the individual and team levels
  • ✔ It is SIMPLE (no typology, no theories, no jargon)
  • ✔ It is ACTIONABLE (easy to understand; ready-to-use Action Items at both the individual and team levels)
  • ✔It is AFFORDABLE (all workshops are of one-day duration only)
  • ✔The score of each completed assessment is benchmarked against 37,000 completed assessments across the world
  • ✔The survey is biennially validated by Boston Research Group
  • ✔Certified practitioner who can interpret and maximize the survey results for organizational benefits

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