Content Design & Development

Through our talented instructional design team, we co-create content that is highly customized as well as experiential. All three learning styles are taken into consideration and given equal weightage. Simulation in the form of role plays and case studies takes maximum bandwidth, followed by ppts and audio-visual aids. The mantra is 'edutainment.'

  • TNA: extensive research and data gathering through focus group interviews and individual questionnaires
  • Design: defining learning objectives and creating a micro plan
  • Develop: facilitator guide, participant manual, other learning aids, and assessment tools to gauge assimilation and / or exhibiting the required behavioral change
  • Deploy: a test run in real-time by our own facilitators to gauge any further tightening
  • Evaluate: gather feedback from test group to see what needs to be changed
  • Transition: knowledge transition through a TTT

We apply the principles of the ARCS model in our instructional design methodologies:

  • Attention - how to gain and retain the learner's attention right at the beginning.
  • Relevance - increase learner motivation through relevant content, examples, group discussions, etc.
  • Confidence - build in challenging tasks with a feedback component.
  • Satisfaction - create ample yet safe opportunities to practice the new skills and gain peer & master feedbacks.
  • Program creation helped by advisory group of various industry veterans
  • Learner - centric content, relevant and experiential
  • In-built TTT for the client's L&D team to become accomplished program facilitators

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