Have you ever tried to ‘get motivated’ in the workplace but nothing seems to work? You’re bored and lethargic; you don’t wish to meet friends and acquaintances as you used to. Motivation comes from living a balanced life, both in and out of the workplace. It really is just the simple things in life that we ignore – that makes us motivated, energetic and ready to conquer the world. The following are a few tips on how to stay motivated in the workplace:



Exercise early in the morning

Staying motivated at work truly starts before you walk into the workplace. Exercising helps you begin your day on the right note and provides the energy necessary to accomplish various work-related tasks throughout the day.



Remind yourself of your strengths

Ambitious individuals typically have a significant temperament flaw. They beat themselves up for their weaknesses and don’t really concentrate on their strong points. Spending two minutes every morning reminding yourself of why you’re (or will become) very good at your career will go a long way. Get a pen & a paper and simply jot down reasons and explanations on why you are good at your job; list out your areas of expertise; list out your positive attributes, etc. Merely stating the obvious each day can forge a much more powerful sense of self, which can result in higher motivation levels.



Spend time with co-workers

Once you realise the importance of your colleagues and acquaintances in the workplace, your job will get much easier. Use their expertise to solve your problems while contributing something of your own to the team. Always keep in mind that you are a co-worker to your teammates and they would like to be treated in exactly the same manner in which you would like to be treated by them.



Be sure to regenerate

Get enough sleep. It is very important to re-energize as work-related tasks often drain out your energy. Sleep not only puts a person in a good mood, but also gives him/her the energy required to accomplish work-related targets. In addition to a robust sleep routine, it’s vital to take breaks at regular intervals from work.



Understand success

Success is extremely stimulating. Use every success in your work to bring more successes. Tell yourself that hard work and perseverance result in success and that there are no shortcuts. Aim to channel the positive energy in order to achieve similar superlative results in upcoming tasks and work-related events.




Reward yourself

Reward yourself as you accomplish your objectives and/or reach specific, necessary milestones. Arrange ahead what forms this reward can take and what tasks/projects/results are going to be rewarded. This not only motivates you to work hard and achieve the said goal, but also gives you the urge and enthusiasm to finish the task at hand in the best possible manner, thereby achieving the best possible result. Rewards help you look forward to certain outcomes and hence drive the urge to succeed.



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