4 Reasons why women have an edge over men in the field of training

The antiquated debate of which gender would be more effective in delivery of communication has dogged the field of training for a while now. The honest truth is that every training program must only be judged on a case-by-case basis and not in general form. This essentially rules out the possibility of the notion that women make better trainers being true. In fact, this argument boils down to which party has a stronger opinion, not entirely based on facts. What makes people think that one gender could be better than the other while delivering the same material? After all, each person would have had both good and bad experiences with both genders when it comes to training and over a lifetime, these things tend to even themselves out. Then why does this notion exist? Because even though no gender is a clear cut winner here, women do tend to possess certain innate characteristics in training that may favour their cause. Some are genetic, some are picked up along the way and some are just in-grained in female trainers. Let’s look at 4 reasons why women have an edge over men when it comes to the effectiveness of delivery of material:


  1. Women are genetically programmed to show care. Taking nothing away from the care and concern showed by men, women are just genetically more superior in this regard. From the time of birth, the mother feeds & comforts her baby which results in the child growing up with a subconscious tenderness for women. Trainees would sometimes require an authority figure to share their emotions and their experiences. Men can be a lot harder to approach in this regard.


  1. Women have an innate maternal instinct. There is a reason why female teachers are more in number (when compared to their male counterparts) at the elementary level in American schools. This is due to the uncontested perception that women have an instinctive connection with children.


  1. Women trainers come off as approachable. Male trainers are often seen as stern authority figures while women are more approachable to trainees. This not only helps the students to relax a bit more, but also to maintain good harmony in the classroom. Trainees will then feel more comfortable in classroom participation – the most basic form being putting their hands up to ask a question.


  1. Women trainers tend to possess a softer correctional procedure. Mistakes happen everywhere, even in the most unexpected of situations. It is up to the trainer to decide how to deal with the mistake made by a trainee. Generally, male trainers seem to be harsher in comparison to female trainers. Women, being genetically more caring and sensitive, try to solve a problem by emotionally connecting with the trainee.


If one thinks that the above reasons give female trainers the edge, one is right. However, these reasons are NOT in any way conclusive. From a bird’s eye-view, both genders have their advantages and disadvantages but it is really in the worm’s eye-view that clear differences can be seen. Are women better at training than men? It is definitely up to the trainees to decide on an individual basis, however, women do seem to have the advantage in the form of certain core skill sets that are innate in nature.


–  Naresh


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