Behavioral training through applied theater

Theater has always been a powerful medium through which performers have communicated real and imaginary experiences. It has been instrumental in bringing about impactful change. We have merged the boundaries of theater and behavioral training by using edgy immersive and interactive theater techniques with powerful concepts from the behavioral skills arena. We use elements of stagecraft to re-create physicality, presence and immediacy of relevant experiences to bring about change at the behavioral level for participants.

Co-create behavioral enhancement programs through state of the art theater techniques with guaranteed transformation.

  • EMPATHY: Creating effective interpersonal relationships in the workplace through Social Intelligence
  • EXCELLENCE IN CUSTOMER SERVICE: Fulfilling the 'unsaid commitment' to a customer and customizing service experience for various types of customers
  • BUSINESS COMMUNICATION THROUGH IMMERSIVE THEATRE: Enriching workplace communication to build professional networks

We create and customize content based on the learning need.

We use indigenous ideas, which cover day-to-day transactions based on the concepts of immersive theater.

  • Create an informal and warm environment.
  • Aspects of theater that focus on gestures, voice, and role playing
  • Co-creation of scripts to aid skits
  • Special sessions on 'debrief and lessons learned'

Making Workplace Learning & Development initiatives joyful and immersive for the participants.

  • Concept exploration in an indoor / outdoor setting, guided by an experienced facilitator
  • Personalized attention so participants can merge theater elements with the concepts
  • Guided presentations with reflection sessions to internalize learning

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